Motorola Nine Smartphones are getting Marshmallow

Motorola is first manufacturers that are getting the next Android operating system Marshmallow after it is getting released for the Nexus line of smartphone. Google released their two nexus smartphone few days ago and it comes with the latest operating system Marshmallow.

The announcement came from Motorola as they plan to release the OS to 9 of their smartphones. The smartphones will get the OS in a scheduled release and the update will take some time.


According to Motorola, they are updating the nine following smartphone with Android 6.0 aka Marshmallow.

  1. Moto X Style
  2. Moto G (Gen 3)
  3. Moto G (Gen 2)
  4. Moto Turbo
  5. Moto X Pure Edition
  6. Moto MAXX
  7. DROID Turbo
  8. Moto X (Gen 2)
  9. Moto X Play

The above list is randomized and doesn’t tell about which smartphone will first release. The first generation Moto X and Moto G will get the OS update. This update was surprising for many of us. But, there is one more thing that surprised is the no-support for the Moto E models. Neither the first generation nor the 2nd generation of the Moto E models will get the update. This was unexpected, especially for the 2nd generation Moto E, which was just released a few months back.

Also, Motorola didn’t come up with any updates on the time when the updates will be released. Android M brings tons of new features and the owners of the above 9 listed smartphones will surely enjoy the new upgrade.

Also, the Android M will wipe the basic Motorola features in lieu of the similar or better features in Android M. According to sources, the users might have to say goodbye to Motorola Migrate, Moto Assist, etc.