Asus to Offer Microsoft Office bundling deal

Recently, Microsoft is expanding their market share by coming up with a new strategy of signing patent deals for an exchange of their patients with Linux/Android/Chrome OS device makers.

The most recent deal is the Asus patent-licensing deal. The deal covers any Android devices that Asus makes.

According to the sources, Asus has agreed on including Microsoft office apps in their Android devices. It is not clear on how the patents are being handled. But, it can easily be speculated that the new deal can be for the patents dispute between Microsoft and Asus.


Similar deals took place between Microsoft and Samsung over patents. Samsung stepped up and becomes the first vendor to ship Microsoft software bundled with their smartphones and other devices.

Microsoft new strategy is impressive considering the fact that Android has more than 80% market share and it won’t be easy for the Microsoft to penetrate the market with their Windows OS, right now.

When asked for comments, the Microsoft spokesperson claimed that there was a pre-existing patent agreement which was never made public. They also stated that Android was not involved into the patent.

This impressive move from Microsoft will enable them to penetrate the market without taking permission from Google. Google, on the other hand, will not be willing to include Microsoft products in their smartphone, as of now.

Microsoft also signed an expanded Android patent deal with I-O data, earlier this week.

Patents have always been the hidden weapon for the companies. Normally, patents are settled, the other way, but Microsoft is utilizing the strategy to their advantage.