Xiaomi entering the laptop segment by early 2016

Xiaomi, the largest mobile seller in China is now ready to take on a completely new segment, Laptop. The launch has been scheduled to happen as early as 2016 or mid-2016. No real dates have been confirmed by the company just yet.

The dates come along from the Chairmen of the Taiwan-based manufacturer, Inventec, Richard Lee. He is speculating an entry to the market in early 2016. Many rumors are speculating on the internet and there are already mentions of creating a brand against the Apple’s MacBook Air.

The move from Xiaomi is not surprising, considering that they are moving towards other niches. Their recent move was MiMobile, a mobile connection service provider company. The move can be seen as a confident move considering that they took the crown from Apple as the top most selling handsets in China in 2015.

With the crown in the hands of the Xiaomi, the new Apple 6S can turn the tables, but we can only wait and watch what the future has in stored for us.

xiaomi mokcup laptop

The above image is being circulated as the potential Xiaomi Laptop mockup. The mockup is what seems to be the future Xiaomi laptop, but no one knows for sure.

Moreover, Lee pointed on the using the same strategy they used for the mobile segment. According to Lee, this will work.

If you are interested in knowing the specifications of the Laptop, then you will be disappointed as there is no word from the Apple’s killer. According to many sources(unconfirmed), Xiaomi is approaching Samsung for their memory chips and displays. There has been no word from Samsung yet on this news yet. Also, the laptop will be manufactured in China. Xiaomi’s subsidiary arm will handle the different aspects of the design and manufacturing. More news will come on this aspect and we will update AndroidKin when it gets available.

The Laptop segment is a tight segment considering big players such as Dell, Apple, Samsung, LG and others. But, Xiaomi does carry the punch in terms of marketing and technology. We hope they release their laptops soon so that there is more competition in the market.