Top 5 Anticipated Android Smartphone Brands in 2016

The year of 2015 was definitely the year of smartphones and specifically, the Android smart phones captured the markets all across the globe. The fame of smart phones had risen quite dramatically during the past few years and Android is no exception. With the 2016 just approaching, it will be extremely interesting to see what trends will the Android smartphone markets will most likely follow.

Top 5 Anticipated Android Smartphone Brands in 2016

Today in this article, I will try to throw some light on the most trendy Android smartphones brands which will continue to dominate the international markets.

Huawei company from China definitely ranks highest in the list as it did some tremendous business in 2015 as well. It became the world’s third greatest smart phone selling brand across the globe. Almost each and every model manufacture by this brand was loved by the customers especially those ranging from 20 years to 35 years in age.

Xiaomi is another brand to look out for in the coming year. Although Huawei was found to be better of the two during the last year in China, you cannot still under estimate this brand’s quality of manufacturing Android smart phones. If this brand regains its top position in China in 2016, it will not be a surprise at all.

Samsung found it hard to compete with the arrival of other brands in the market which were successfully able to deliver the same wonderful quality of the smart phones at much cheaper rates, as compared to Samsung itself. However, Samsung is expected to bounce back in the coming year.

HTC, which is the Taiwanese brand is definitely capable of surprising the customers with its unique innovations. The year of 2015 was definitely not the best for this brand but it will definitely come up with something new for its customers in 2016.

Oneplus is a brand which might not be as famous as other aforementioned brands. However, the advantage of this brand is that their marketing strategy is quite different and unconventional as compared to other brands. This brand is expected to surprise its customers in 2016 with its new, innovative smart phones.