Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella visit India in November

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has planned a trip to the Indian soil in the first week of the November. The Indian-born Nadella is aiming to attend an event which is organized by an American technology company in Mumbai. The aim of the American technology group is to address their customers, developers, and partners.

If Nadella makes the trip, he will visit India 2nd time after his first visit in September 2014 as Microsoft Cheif executive. A lot has changed until now as he has shifted the ranks from a chief executive to the CEO and his influence is surely going to rock the boat in India.


The event, “Future Unleashed” is held for establishing key tones with other Microsoft customers and that’s why he is not going to make any appearance outside the event. In this case, the Indian government might miss him and his valuable input in transforming India’s digital revolution.

Satya Nadella, recently meets with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, when the later visited the Silicon Valley to deliver the Digital India initiative. Their meet brought a lot of attention and has been created into controversy by the media outlets.

Future unleashed brings the best leaders in the world together and it will be a high time for the best leaders to speak to the audience and showcase what the future holds for the masses and other technological groups. The event will also showcase the technology that can make Digital India a much better proposition. Digital India is making great rounds around the world and it is important for Indian users as well.

Other important leaders who are attending the event are Chiefs of HDFC Bank, Sony Corporation, Robert Bosch, Honeywell, Kotak Baja, Fortis, and Mahindra group.