Androidkin.Com is all about technology and anything related directly or indirectly to the technology. Technology is evolving every single day, and it is important for us to stay close to the changes. This is where Androidkin.com comes in. We offer views, reviews, information on everything, starting from Android to Mobile devices or hybrids. Our website revolves around the development of mobile devices and this is where we rock.

The mobile world is changing rapidly where new players are entering each day. The old players, on the other hand, are evolving each day to bring the latest and greatest changes from the top-end mobile devices. The competition is getting fierce and too many options is a two-way sword, where the consumers have tons of good smartphone to choose and also it becomes hard to keep track of everything that is going around you. To make the information consumable, AndroidKin.com has taken a step forward and is now the home of everything that is happening around us.

Androidkin.com aims to achieve the following targets:

  • Understand the buzz and report on the latest changes in technology and its related fields.
  • Our editorial team understand the market and how each device or software update the impact the ecosystem. With an objective view, we report the new changes and offers views and reviews on software, gadgets and games.
  • We are also keen on the part of changes in the telecom industry as it is indirectly connected with the mobile market.


The product/software/games reviews is an important part of our website. It is important to notice that we are keen to create awareness of the market and the devices that are currently dominating or are of any interest to the audience. That’s why we always make sure that the reviews are in-depth and are performed by industry experts who understand the device and the market without any doubt.

We are also open to 3rd party reviewing. If you have released a new product and want us to cover the review, we are open for sample unit testing and writing a review on it. The review will be unbiased and it will only contain objective analysis for the benefit of the review. Want to know more, contact us and we can take it forward from there.

Contribution to Androidkin.com

We love content and when we speak “content”, we mean good content. And, if you think that you have an editorial piece that is fresh and can help tons of people out there on the web, you can contact us and submit your article. The authors are requested to submit with all the information including phone number, name, contact address and any other information they want to include in author’s bio.

We are expecting content around 700-800 words. We are open to the above said article length and will reject anything that is above 800 words. There are exceptions though. If you think the article length doesn’t do justice of what you are writing, then you can contact us with more detail and the length of the content that will do justice.

It is to be clear that submissions doesn’t mean publication. Our editorial team will go through the submission and will evaluate it for standard that we have established until now.

Editorial Contacts:

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